2020: Here we go!

2020: Here we go!
Greek Theater - Barcelona, Spain

I know… it sounds so cliché to say that I’m taking the start of a new year as an excuse to set up new goals, objectives and projects but if it works… who cares about the date!

Keeping a blog is a real challenge for me; a full-time job and two babies at home feel like enough work, right? Still, I want to push myself a little further and work on those projects that I keep adding to my “I want to do” list and never become a reality.

I won’t share any details just yet, but as they start taking form I’ll use this space to share my experience. Plus, I recently discover a speaker that provided scientific proof that goals shouldn’t be shared publicly until they are reached as it makes it less likely to attain them. Watch the video below to learn more:

So, I’ll shut my mouth and get to work. 2020, here we go!

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